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Water Taxi


Water Taxi Services

Allow Allure Charters to simplify your travel needs so that you can mark one thing off of your to do list. Experience the convenience of our water taxi services, connecting the scenic beauty of the BVI and USVI whether you are a local or a visitor. Enjoy your sail with our most experienced and professional Captain at the helm where you will travel in style, feel safe and comfortable and get to enjoy the beauty between these stunning destinations at the same time. 

Hassle Free and Relaxed Water Taxi Experience

Getting from the USVI to the BVI has never been easier. When you travel with Allure Charters you get to skip the overcrowded ferries riddled with long lines, the inconvenient departure times, the exorbitant luggage fees, the hidden taxes, the tedious paperwork, and the all too often frequent delays. Instead, take our water taxi service. It can be exclusively reserved for you and your crew of up to 12 persons and 40 suitcases (and NOT at a cost of $10 per bag either – completely FREE), cruise into BVI waters hassle free and relax with a nice drink and soothing music (your choice) after a long day of travel.  Also, if you are staying at a marina hotel we can facilitate dockside drop-off and we will also handle your immigration and customs paperwork for you at no extra cost.

Our vessel

Our vessel is immaculate and spacious, equipped with water-sealed storage compartments that keep your luggage dry and safe for the entire sail as well as multiple cup holders while you are relaxing with that drink. Our pickup and drop off location in St Thomas is American Yacht Harbour and we offer drop off and pick up services from any BVI island. We can also arrange your land taxi(s) for greater ease for you at a nominal cost. Our hospitality is unmatched; our sail time is your time, and we are at your convenience during this trip.

At Allure Charters, you’re not just our passenger, you’re the reason that beautiful memories are just a sail away.


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